Weightwatchers Is My Salvation

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Like many mothers…who work at a computer…and eat on the run….and love chocolate….and butter….and are getting on in years, I needed to lose a few pounds.OK, more than a few pounds.

Without giving my exact weight, I will say that my body mass index, or BMI was 29.6. If you want to calculate yours, the National Heart Lung a Blood Institute has an easy to use calculator on line. The BMI estimates your body fat using a formula based on your height and weight. Overweight is defined as a BMI of 25-29.9, while obesity is defined as a BMI greater than 30. Knowing that I was overweight, I calculated my BMI and was horrified to find that I was knocking on the door of being officially obese-YIKES!

While I knew I did not look my best with the extra weight, what caused me to really get concerned was knowing that everyone in my family developed diabetes as they got older. Since extra weight increases your chances of developing diabetes, I knew losing weight was the best way to avoid our “family tradition”.

My weight was never an issue when I was younger, but after having children it slowly increased over the years. I have tried a number of interventions to lose weight.

  • The Atkins Diet—this works, but is hard to sustain over a long period of time, and I found that when I went off the diet, I gained back all of my weight, plus a little extra.
  • Walking three miles per day—I was able to keep this up, but it did not make a difference with my weight.
  • Running three miles every other day—I was able to keep this up too, but it still didn’t make a difference with my weight.
  • Food journals—closely counting calories and limiting my intake to create a 500 calorie per day deficit worked. Why 500 calories? Well, you need to have a 3500 calorie deficit to lose one pound, and a 500 calorie deficit each day would lead to a one pound per week weight loss. This works too, but I found calculating the calories in everything I ate was too time consuming and hard to do over time.

I started to run to help with my stress a couple of years ago. When I realized I had a BMI of nearly 30 last year, I was running three miles, 3-4 days per week. So while my stress was better, running did not seem to help with my weight loss.

Then two things happened that gave me some insight:

  • First, I was on a plane ride and happened to sit next to a personal trainer. As we talked about getting in shape and losing weight, he told me that it really was about diet AND exercise. I would not lose weight with diet alone or exercise alone, but needed to do both. I looked into it and found what he told me has been supported by research. The National Weight Control Registry is a project out of Brown University that is monitoring people who have successfully lost and maintained their weight. They report that 98% of these successful people changed what they ate, and 94% increased their physical activity. So nearly all of them used both diet and exercise to lose weight.
  • Second, I was out with a bunch of friends for dinner, and we were going around the table, sharing updates on our lives. One of my friends reported she was training for a half marathon, ran every other day and was up to 9 mile runs on the weekends. However, she also complained that she was not losing any weight despite all the vigorous exercise. Another friend reported she had committed to taking better care of herself in the previous six months, had taken a much needed vacation, and joined weightwatchers and lost 25 pounds. 25 POUNDS! So here were two women, one running several miles per week, and the other in a weight loss program. And it was the woman in the program who had been successful.

I signed up for weightwatchers the next day.

Six months later, I had lost my first 20 pounds. Weightwatchers makes use of meetings to provide support to its members, but I have too much going on to attend another meeting. So I participate through their on line program. They use a combination of food journaling, portion control, recipe recommendations, advice about low fat foods, cooking alternatives, support and an emphasis on healthy food choices to help with weight loss. Plus you can earn extra points for more food through exercise, which they also emphasize.

I am sharing all of this because I was really discouraged about my ability to lose weight. However, I thought I would give weightwatchers a try and committed my self to doing it for exactly 90 days. As the weight started coming off, and I could still eat what I liked (although in moderation) I felt like I finally found a system that worked with me, and would be easy to maintain over time.

I will talk more about this weight loss effort, but wanted to share how I got to this program, and found that it has worked for me. I know I m not the only one trying to lose some extra post-baby weight……

La Lucha Continua.



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