Give Yourself Enough Time to Get to Your Destination

Posted on December 5, 2007. Filed under: Stop the Drama |


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I am always telling my teenage daughters “you cause your own drama”. Whether it’s overreacting to something said or done, or poor planning, much of their fits of drama are caused by their own actions. Well it’s easy for me as a parent to see how they generate their own drama, but what about the drama I generate for myself?One of the daily acts of drama I go through is rushing to get somewhere. Whether it’s getting to work, school, or something fun, I often find myself rushing to get to my destination on time. Recognizing that this creates drama for me every day, I want to make a point of giving myself enough time to get to my destination. I got the idea from a colleague, who always seems so calm and together, and I noticed one of his habits is to leave the office promptly each day so he can catch his commuter train without having to rush. I, on the other hand, often get to the end of the day and want to complete a few more tasks, and end up leaving a few minutes later and having to run through the station.

So in the past few weeks, I have committed to leaving work promptly, and allowing myself enough time to get home without having to rush. This has made a BIG difference in the quality of my evening commute, and I now find my train ride home is much more relaxing (unless they are short on cars and I don’t get a seat).

This has been only one small change in my routine and commitment to giving myself enough time to somewhere, but it has eliminated a daily source of stress that I was experiencing but could control.

Now if only I could apply this habit to my mornings…..



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