Freedom to Run

Posted on December 11, 2007. Filed under: Running, Take Care of Yourself |

The biggest barrier I needed to overcome to start running was not the early mornings, the sore muscles, or the discomfort of being out of breath. It was the jiggle. I remember the sheer joy of running as a child. Feeling free and like I was flying. Then came puberty……..and breasts. Not just any breasts, but big breasts. And that was the end of running with freedom.

Fast forward 30 years when I decided that I wanted to take up running to relieve stress and get in shape. I knew I needed good shoes and some running clothes, but had no idea what kind of bra I would get. As an adult, I always needed to grab my breasts and hold on to them whenever I ran (how’s that for an image?). One of my daughters once asked me why I didn’t run. So I walked up the street turned around and said “watch”. Then I ran towards her (without holding my breasts) and all she could say was “WHOA!”

Running had always been painful because of my breasts, even with “sports” bras. I read that the first sports bra was invented by a woman who sewed together two jock straps. Looking at the support they offer (NOT), I figure she could not have been bigger than a B cup. No, a regular sports bra would never meet my needs or provide enough support.

Then one day a well endowed friend (let’s call her Angel) told me that she had good luck with the Enell bra. I went to my local running store and found they had it for $50–50 DOLLARS for a bra that is NOT Victoria Secrets. However, when I strapped myself into it, I felt like a cross between a Valkyrie and Wonder Woman. Then I jumped up and down. And hopped. And ran in place. No bounce!

The bra is great and really works for “bigger” women. I went out the next day wearing my new bra, and finally had the chance to run again, with no jiggle, bounce or pain. So now I am pleased to say that I have the freedom to run without pain, and without holding my breasts with my hands.



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