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Posted on December 24, 2007. Filed under: Things to Do |


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It’s Christmas Eve. I just put my four year old to bed, and am really looking forward to tomorrow morning, when she wakes up. Of all the things I like about this time of year, the best thing is spending time with friends and family. Since a lot of people take off a few days from work during the holidays, there is more time for people to get together. The past few days have been busy; I did a play date with my daughter, and spent the afternoon chatting with her playmate’s mother. Another friend of mine was born on December 24th and had a party this evening. My sister is coming to spend a few days. Friends I grew up with are coming in from California and will visit next weekend. There are also plans for another party, a brunch and an outing to the New York Botanical Gardens.

Then after New Year…..nothing.

Actually, I do more socializing during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, than during most six month periods at other times of the year. However, since I enjoy getting together with family and friends so much, it would make sense to (1) do it more often, and (2) spread it out over the year so it is not all concentrated into this one week period.

So adding to my list of activities or “things to do” will be “get together with friends” and in the next year, I hope to make it a regular event. While we all have complicated lives, I like the simple pleasure of spending time with people I like. I t does not have to be a big production, huge dinner event, or elaborate plans. Just the simple act of getting together to chat over coffee or wine is enough, and I plan to do it more often in the next year.



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