Why I Love my Sisters

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copy-of-blog-010.jpg I have two sisters. We live hundreds of miles apart, but are in touch 4-5 times per week. This amazes my husband, although he says he really likes my sisters, with all of their idiotsyncrasies (this is not a typo, this is what he meant to say).

Some reasons why I love my sisters:

  • They know that I really, really love chocolate and gave it to me for Christmas (as you can see on the left). Not just any chocolate, but an international variety of the good stuff.
  • They are really smart and we have great conversations-I spent an hour talking to my sister about the results of the Iowa Caucuses, the implications of Barack Obama’s win, Clinton’s third place showing, and strategies for the Democrats to take back the White House.
  • They make me laugh-about 20 minutes into the conversation, I realized my sister had been drinking because something she said made no sense. When asked, she admitted that she had worked her way through half a bottle of wine that evening.
  • They help me dream-we also talked about plans to go to Asia this year, and are trying to choose between Bali and Thailand.
  • My kids love them-one aunt is the cool young aunt, who they trust to buy clothes for them; the other aunt is the crazy fun aunt, who they don’t trust but always look forward to her visits.
  • My kids say they hate it when my sisters come around, because it gets too loud in the house with all of the talking and laughter.
  • They can generate a lot of drama (just ask my husband), and have helped me commit to living a simpler life.
  • They cheer me on when I tell them about my running.
  • We can talk about yoga.
  • One sister works as an environmentalist, and the other thinks global warming is a myth–this makes for fun family gatherings.
  • They are always there.

Having sisters is great.



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