Ten Reasons Why Drinking Water Is Good for You

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Tuesday is about Taking Care of Yourself

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I resolved not to make any New Year’s resolutions, but instead am doing small changes over the year to take care of myself and make things easier for myself. My first “promise to self” was to drink more water. I have been able to do this by making three changes:(1) drink one glass of water before each meal, and then one more with each meal; (2) drink a glass of water in every meeting or conference call at work; (3) drink a glass each evening when I take my vitamins. These small changes quickly add up to 6-8 glasses of water per day.

Now that I have been doing this for a couple of weeks, I can say there are definite benefits to drinking all of this water. Based on my own personal experience, here is my list of the Ten Reasons Why Drinking Water Is Good for You:

  1. It helps you lose weight. Maybe it’s because I drink a glass of water before each meal, plus while I am eating, but I’ve noticed that I definitely get full faster and am taking in less food without feeling deprived. This has been an easy way to kick up my weight loss efforts.
  2. It’s easier to be hydrated for exercise. Since I am always drinking water, I start my runs already hydrated and don’t have to take in as much water to stay on top of my hydration. When I am well hydrated, I run better–my times are better, I don’t feel sluggish and it takes longer for me to feel tired. I did not expect simply drinking water would be so beneficial to my running.
  3. Your skin texture improves. I’ve read that your skin gets plumped up and dewy because you are hydrated. I don’t know about that, but I am definitely breaking out less and generally having fewer skin problems since I started drinking more water.
  4. Drinking water helps maintain digestive health. I have definitely noticed that water helps with digestion, and (this is probably an overshare) helps to keep you “regular”….with your “evacuation” processes by making things easier and more frequent. If you don’t know what I mean, then email me and I can send a more graphic description if you’d like.
  5. Drinking water helps flush out toxins. Although most people refer to the benefits of drinking water to flush out toxins that come from our food and the environment, the best proof I have is how water helps to prevent hangovers and minimizes the effects of alcohol. This is probably more of a hydration effect than a toxin-flush effect. I noticed before that whenever I had a glass of wine the night before a run, I used to feel pretty sluggish and drained during my run. Now that I am taking in extra water, I can have a glass of wine and still feel fine for my run the next day. Being able to drink more alcohol is definitely not one of the benefits I expected from drinking water….but I’ll take it!
  6. Speaking of exercise, I definitely get more exercise as a result of drinking water. This is because of all of the bathroom breaks I need to take during the day. I have to go about 5-6 times while I am at work, and the bathroom is at the end of the hall. If I wore a pedometer, I bet this would add a couple of thousand steps to my daily tally.
  7. Taking in more fluid helps reduce fluid retention. Like many women, I retain fluid and get some swelling around the time I menstruate. However, I’ve noticed that I am now less swollen since I began drinking water.
  8. You have more energy. I don’t know why, I just know that I feel more alert and have fewer days when I hit the afternoon slump since I started drinking more water.
  9. You save money. Bottled water is definitely cheaper than most other drinks, and tap water is free! Most people in the US have access to good, clean, safe tap water. In my opinion the water in New York City is some of the best in the country. If you want to learn about the quality of your local tap water, the Environmental Protection Agency monitors and publicly reports the quality of tap water throughout the US.
  10. You know the location of every bathroom. Have I mentioned how much you go to the bathroom drinking all of this water? Let me just say that a benefit to the popularity of Starbuck’s is you are never very far from a bathroom. If you are stuck, with no Starbuck’s in sight, a good back up is a nice hotel. Most of them have bathrooms somewhere in the lobby.

So this is the list of benefits of drinking water that I have observed in the past few weeks. I think there are worth making the effort to drink more water (aside from the excess bathroom breaks) and would encourage you to drink up!




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30 Responses to “Ten Reasons Why Drinking Water Is Good for You”

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I always thought drinking plenty of water was a good thing to do. Everything you write about staying hydrated makes sense, but I just heard a commentary on National Public Radio the day before yesterday by a former Assistant Surgeon General (Douglas Camerow, now at Hopkins as a Health Services Researcher and columnist) discussing a new article in BMJ about medical myths. One of these myths is that you don’t need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Listen to his commentary at:

As I was looking up the link above, I ran across more material about the drinking water myth.

Anyway, I’m with you! I always feel better when I make a point of drinking more water, especially when I’m running or training. It really does make a difference!

Thanks Romana. You are correct, the exact amount of water someone needs to drink everyday varies from person to person and depends on lots of things such as the ambient temperature, how much they exercise, and what they eat (watermelon for breakfast?) In fact, long distance runners need to be aware of the dangers of overhydrating and there was a death at the Boston Marathon a couple of years ago due to hyponatremia (low sodium). For my daily needs, I try to drink enough to make me use the bathroom at least 6 times per day.

Thanks for sharing your information!

I realized that I wrote that the myth was that you “don’t need 8 glasses of water a day”–I meant to say that the myth is that you “DO need 8 glasses of water a day.”
I’m off to Trader Joes to buy their brand of bottled unsweetened green tea, which is wonderful (very light flavoring), and it helps keep me hydrated!

[…] good for you. There are lots of benefits to drinking water in general, which I have talked about before. When you are sick, you need to be well hydrated because your body is producing lots of excess […]

I do hope to dispel one myth that has been propagated by many health enthusiasts.
Drinking more water will not flush out toxins. Putting aside the debate of what these toxins are, people need to understand that filtration of your plasma is an active process done by your kidneys. The kidney is a machine that actively picks and chooses what it wants to keep and throw away. Water is a completely passive bystander. If you drink more water, you will urinate more water. There’s a reason why when you drink more fluids, your urine gets white and more dilute. It’s not that you’re clearing more solutes. Just more solvent.

Thanks for your comments. Your comments about water ridding the body of toxins are somewhat true. The kidney does do most of the work, regardless of the amount of water available. However, the fact is waste material is released in water by your kidneys, and the more water you have, the easier it is to get rid of that waste. Another–less well recognized– mechanism for getting rid of waste is through your stool. Drinking lots of water certainly helps that process as being well hydrated facilitates good digestive health, and easy passage of stool. Lastly, sweat is another way your body gets rids of toxins, and you certainly need to drink plenty of water to sweat.
So will drinking more water make you get rid of more toxins? Probably not. However, drinking enough water helps to make sure your body is able to eliminate the toxins it needs to.


[…] wrote a post about ten reasons why drinking water is good for you based on my experience with drinking more water. I want to update you about a recent […]

ahahah this is hillarious i love it
and practical, let me also add.
i just drank 1.5L in 2 seconds, no kidding. and this definitely made it seem worth it.

this is a really good website!!
it’s helping me a lot in my research
for chool

Yea,I do agree with this article.drinking lots of wateras up to 3 litresper day,(thats about 6-8 glasses).really help regulate the metabolism and even temperature isk to diseases.

A better skin,its been reported to help reduce loss of hair e.t.c
drinking lots of water is really good.

these are not very good reasons because knowing where the bathrooms are is not a benefit of water.

I found that since I’ve started drinking water I’ve been breaking out more than usual. Does that have to do with my body getting rid of toxins? I went from drinking very little water to drinking 8 glasses a day. I’m hoping it will clear up soon because my skin was actually much clearer before. I’m wondering if it’s a ‘gets-worse-before-it-gets-better’ kind of deal

Great advice thanks but Q.4 will be good see

I love now am loseing weight

yeah when i drink enough water i find i’am more mentally focused and sharp!

I am definitely going to tell everyone I know about this website! It really works!

tap water is not free if you have a meter!!

this is good news.is is good to put lemons in your waterdrinking enough water is good but a slice of lemon makes it vitamin c enriched

You’re completey and uterly correct. Water does help your body in many ways. And i can definately feel the differnce, apose to when i don’t drink water as frequently.

what about during winter when we dont sweat much.i think it all depend on one is doing at a given time.however i do agree drinking water is very vital one can go without food for two days but not water

Great info!
BUT- Drinking ANY thing WHILE eating is NOT good!
My understanding – our saliva is the first part of our digestive tract! And by diluting this beginning of digesting, you create all kinds of tummy problems. Not to mention if the food isn’t in it’s proper form – when it hits the next step- it can’t let go of its nutrients in the correct way. Sorry this is so elementary in its presentation. But I hope you all get my point!
Yes! Drink up good, clear, clean water! Just not WHILE you eat!

Thank you very much for the tipe i am going to start drinking a lot of water now

I think this is great info becuz it will help me go to lose weight. Thanks!

Wow, those are indeed magnificent!

hi my name is kelly what you said there about water was very useful,because my 9 year old daughter had to learn all about water for her homework.and it was very useful thanks for your help.thanks again kelly.


I diffently couted 8 good reasns not 10

Discovered drinking a lot of water this week and I absolutely love it.

I would definitely agree that drinking water improves ones skin…your face would look a lot better

Great article, I’ve started drinking just only water about 3 weeks ago. And I’ve notice that my complexion seems glowy. I recently had a sun tan, which made me light brown, but since drinking water my skin is getting smooth and light. Also I notice that my jaw line is looking chizzled, and my body is starting to look slim. Then I checked my weight. It indicated that in 3 weeks I’ve lost 14 pounds of unwanted fat. And thats with out even planning to diet at all. But now Im focused on doing so, seeing what drinking water can do, now im going to change my eating habbits for a more healthy one. People should never underestimate the power of water, but most importantly take care of your body. Theres already millions of things that can kill you in this world. But atleast dont kill yourself by putting bad things in your body, really take care of your health.

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