Sunday Unplugged

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Today is about Stopping the Drama

A couple of weeks ago, I convinced my family to have an Unplugged Sunday. This is a day with no electronic use–no television, no computers, no video games, no electronics, no nothing. The motivation came to me after reading an article in the NY Times by Mark Bittman regarding his experiences with being unplugged. Bittman is better known for his work on minimalist cooking, however he did share his unplugged experience in this particular article, and said:

“Once I moved beyond the fear of being unavailable and what it might cost me, I experienced what, if I wasn’t such a skeptic, I would call a lightness of being. I felt connected to myself rather than my computer. I had time to think, and distance from normal demands. I got to stop.”

Lightness of Being? That may be asking for a lot, but being unplugged did sound like something worth trying. My first hurdle was convincing my daughters. “You mean no TV! But it’s the weekend!” Yes, girls no TV. No computer. No nothing. “Well could we go out and see a movie?” This was going to be harder than I expected. I realized my vision for being unplugged was not getting through to them, so I decided to get my husband’s help.

My husband is a CNN/video game/iPhone/web surfing junkie. However, he did buy in to the idea of being unplugged for a day and immediately turned everything off when I shared the idea. He lasted for 20 minutes: “What are you doing with your iPhone?” “Oh I was just looking for recipes for dinner tonight” “What’s wrong with the 30 cookbooks in the kitchen?” “Nothing, it’s just that I’d rather look it up on the ‘net”

Finally after a lot of cajoling, and a little policing, I was able to convince everyone to turn everything off and unplug. And what happened? We had a nice quiet Sunday at home. Our day was filled with reading, chatting, playing games, a slow cooked dinner, and really feeling like Sunday could actually be a day of rest. My husband bought the original game of Risk for Christmas last year, however our family has not had a single chance to sit down and play the game. Perhaps after a few more Unplugged Sundays, our family will find the time to sit together and play the game.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to try having just one day per week where you are unplugged. What I found is you read, you talk. Life happens.



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