Best Pizza in Westchester

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Today is about Things to Do

On any given Saturday, I often am out with my kids and they frequently get hungry. I don’t want to feed them junk food like McDonald’s, but I don’t want to spend a small fortune to feed them either. So what’s the compromise? Pizza!

We are lucky to have lots of pizza places in Westchester, and one of the best is Sal’s in Mamaroneck. This place was first recommended to me by a friend who is Italian and grew up in Brooklyn. I figured he should know a good pizza when he tastes one.

The last time we went was on a Saturday afternoon. As we walked up the street towards the restaurant, I could see the line of people coming out of the door. Was something wrong? Did the oven break down? Were they rationing the pizza? Nope. It was just a usual Saturday, and with pizza this good, there is often a line out the door. I knew that was a good sign, and was happy to join the line. Fortunately, it was not a long wait.

We ordered a regular cheese pie, with one quarter pepperoni for my meating-eating teenage daughter. You can see that the pie was a vision of perfection. Not too much cheese, baked to bubbly brown colored perfection. Adequate amounts of sauce to support the cheese. Generous crust to hold it all together. Then comes the first test to see if it’s a good pizza: when you take a slice (we don’t eat “wedges” we eat “slices”) from the pie, is the crust crispy enough to hold the cheese? Or is it soft and flabby and melts under the weight of the cheese. This pie crust held up! The first sign of a good, crispy crust.

Next comes a paper napkin to remove excess oil from the top of your pizza slice. You can dab it with a paper napkin, but I prefer to lay the napkin on top of the pizza, apply slight pressure to help it soak up the oil, then gently lift the napkin taking care to not rip it and leave some paper on top of your pizza.

Next comes your condiments–for me, the pizza trifecta is garlic powder, red pepper, and parmesan cheese.

Then you need to decide how to hold your pizza. I like to fold it in half lengthwise. This helps to keep the cheese from falling off. Others prefer to eat a slice unfolded. To each his own. The first bite will tell you if it’s a good pizza. The crust will have a good crunch, and may have a slightly smoky flavor. There won’t be too much cheese, and it will be tasty and not too salty. The sauce will play a supporting role, again not too salty but adding good flavor. If you have ordered additions like pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, or other meats and veggies, they too will play their role in providing you with a sublime pizza experience.

I am pleased to say that Sal’s pizza provided the perfect pizza experience, just as I have described. While they have other great foods on th menu–I suspect the Minestrone soup is excellent because there were so many orders being eaten at other tables–their stand out specialty is their pizza. Thus, I would call this the best pizza place in Westchester. If there are others that you think are just as good or better, then let me know. I will be happy to go and check them out and report back here. Until that time, Sal’s has the best local pizza in my opinion.



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