Physical Therapy for Runner’s Knee

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Today is about Taking Care of Yourself

I have started physical therapy for my runner’s knee and was told that it will take me about four weeks to build enough strength and flexibility to get back out and running.

Although there was a recent article in the NYTimes which reported studies that found stretching does not reduce your risk of injuries, most of what they have me doing right now focuses on stretching with a little bit of strength.

I am listing the procedures that are part of my physical therapy, and will report back whether they help or not. So far, my pain is diminished and I can now go down the stairs without pain.

  1. Apply warm pack to knee for 10 minutes
  2. Massage the patellar tendon and the iliotibial band.
  3. Stretch your quadriceps muscles, that is the thigh muscles in front of your legs.
  4. Hamstring stretch, the muscles in back of your thighs.
  5. Stretch the iliotibial band.
  6. Piriformis stretch.
  7. Using a soccer ball held between your knees, go up into the bridge pose and hold for 30 seconds, Repeat three times.
  8. Do leg lifts. Lay on your back with one leg bent with your foot on the floor. Straighten the other leg along the floor. Now lift your straightened leg being careful not to lift it higher than your other bent knee. Do three sets of ten on both sides.
  9. Side leg lifts. Do three sets of ten.
  10. Balance on each foot for thirty seconds. Repeat three times
  11. Using a leg press, press away from you with both feet. Then return to your starting position using one leg, the one with the affected knee.
  12. Ice your knee for 10 minutes.

So this is my routine, and time will tell if it helps my runner’s knee.


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Stopped by Runner’s Knee

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Today is about Running and Taking Care of Yourself

I mentioned before that I signed up to run the More half marathon as a way to keep me motivated to run through the winter. Well after several Sundays of long runs, early mornings on the treadmill, and lots of time devoted to training, my body just quit.

After a Sunday run two weeks ago my knee started to hurt. It went away with ice and rest. Then during the week, I did my usual shorter runs, but noticed that my knee hurt when I walked down the stairs. By the following Sunday, I couldn’t run because of my knee pain, and found that it was swollen. Over the next few days, I found I couldn’t walk. At first I hoped that the pain would go away with ice and Motrin, and I could still walk the race. However, my knee still hurts me everyday, even though I am not running. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt until the afternoon, other days it doesn’t hurt until the evening. What is clear is that basic daily walking is about all my poor knee can take. And 13 miles is not a basic daily walk.

I have runner’s knee, which is a common overuse injury from so much running. Part of the cause is weakness in my thigh muscles. So I will need to be serious about weight lifting, lunges and squats if I want to do this again. But for right now, all I can do is ice my leg and wait until it stops hurting.

I am bummed. All of that training and I cannot run the race! Maybe I can walk it if I continue to rest. Otherwise, all I got for this effort was a tee shirt, and I don’t feel like I can wear it since I won’t run the race.

Well, at least I can go watch the race, and cheer on my running partner.

This stinks!


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